Hot and Humid Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature another day of hot and humid weather as we remain stuck under a stagnant tropical airmass. Skies across the region are mostly sunny this morning with the exception of some cumulus which have already developed despite the lack of serious heat this early in the day. Several of these cumulus which seem to be located near a sneaky boundary in the mid-levels are producing heavy rain between Concord and Laconia NH as I write this around 9:15 AM. Expect more cumulus to develop and produce showers/thunderstorms as daytime heating continues this afternoon. The best chance for rain will be up in the mountains and along the sea breeze boundary located near the I-95 corridor. With no meaningful winds aloft, no severe weather is expected today so the primary threats from any storms that develop will be heavy rain and lightning.

This forecast map from the HRRR highlights the “popcorn” nature of this afternoon’s showers and storms. Some towns will get a downpour, most probably won’t. The best odds for rain are during the late afternoon and early evening hours.

Do your best to stay cool! Unfortunately we have several more days of soupy weather before a more civilized airmass arrives midweek.


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