More Hot and Humid Weather Inland While The Coast Enjoys A Refreshing Break

Hello everyone!

Today will feature another day of hot and humid weather across interior parts of the region (especially NH) while fog, low clouds, and onshore flow will keep the coastline pleasantly cool. Satellite imagery and the handful of observations we have from local airports suggests that most of the region is experiencing low clouds and/or fog this morning. As the sun comes up, expect this fog to burn off from NW to SE. The mountains should see sunshine develop fairly early in the day while the coastline will have to wait until early/mid afternoon (if sunshine is able to develop at all, which may not be the case especially along the Midcoast). As a result, temps in the mountains and interior parts of the foothills will head for the mid/upper 80s once again today. Most of NH will see temps spike above 90. The coastal plain meanwhile will remain pleasantly cool in the upper 60s (Midcoast peninsulas) to upper 70s (I-95 corridor).

Just like the past several days, expect showers and thunderstorms to develop over NH and far NW ME where heat, humidity, and forcing for ascent will combine most effectively. Just like the past few days, there is not enough wind aloft to produce a meaningful severe weather threat. Continue to watch out for (much-needed) heavy rain as well as lightning with any storms that pop up this afternoon.


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