Still Warm Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather will continue our recent stretch of above-normal temps as warm air flows north across the entire East Coast ahead of a cold front out in the Plains. That warm airmass is also bringing tropical moisture north into the region, and we’ll be feeling that in the form of higher humidity starting tonight/tomorrow. This morning, we’re feeling that increased moisture in the form of a fog bank that has set up over southern NH and the coastal plain of Maine. As the sun comes up, we should see this fog burn off but given that the southern edge of this fog bank is way down along the Gulf Stream, the immediate shoreline and the Midcoast might not see much if any sunshine today.

High temps will range from the mid 60s along the Midcoast to the mid 70s up north to the low 80s in interior southern NH. Aside from some patchy drizzle in the fog bank, no precipitation is expected today.


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