Warm and Humid For Most Today

Hello everyone!

We have a bit of a late-season warm/humid pattern to deal with starting today and continuing through the first half of the upcoming week. The bad news? Well, it’s going to be warm and humid. The good news? This pattern will support some extremely beneficial rain later in the week. I’m not quite sure exactly how much we’ll get, and it’s unlikely to erase our drought, but anything helps at this point.

This morning, a fog bank has taken over most of the area outside the mountains and some portions of the foothills. Visibility is significantly reduced in the regions impacted by this feature, as you might expect. I’m thinking this fog bank will evolve in a somewhat similar fashion to what we saw yesterday. Inland areas should see the fog burn off by midmorning while the sunshine crawls towards the coast during the late morning/early afternoon. Most spots outside the Midcoast should see at least a couple hours of partly/mostly sunny skies this afternoon. With very humid air moving over very cold water, I’d expect to see the fog hold fast along the Midcoast especially as you head down the peninsulas.

High temps today will range from the mid 60s along the Midcoast to the mid 70s up north to the low/mid 80s in the usual southern NH/SW ME warm spots.


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