Hot and Increasingly Humid Today

Hello everyone!

It brings me no joy to say this, but today will feel a lot like J*ly as southwesterly breezes push hot and humid air our way. Look for abundant sunshine this morning to quickly push temps into the 80s away from the midcoast by midday. Inland areas will continue climbing into the high 80s/low 90s this afternoon as a sea breeze provides much-needed relief along the coastline. Afternoon clouds will bubble up with a bit more depth today, resulting in some scattered showers and perhaps even a thunderstorm or two especially inland. Showers are most likely between 1 and 7 PM, but not every town will see one given the lack of forcing for ascent under the high pressure system generally running the show across this part of the country.


One thought on “Hot and Increasingly Humid Today”

  1. Personally, I can put up with it, IF it leads to beneficial rain in the end which is always needed this time of year.

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