Much Cooler Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature seasonably chilly weather as cold air moves into the region from Canada on brisk NW winds. High temps will range from 25 in the north to 35 in the south, with wind chill values considerably colder.

The NW winds will set up a classic upslope/downslope pattern with mostly sunny skies expected along the coastal plain and overcast conditions likely along and upwind of the mountains. Today’s pattern is also set up favorably for accumulating upslope snows, and the typically favored NW-facing slopes will pick up several more inches of snow during the day today, with a few of those flurries making their way down into the foothills.


One thought on “Much Cooler Today”

  1. I watched your video — well done and professional. One suggestion: an old stage direction — always gesture with your upstage hand; the tv studio equivalent will be the hand away from the camera. This leaves your body “open to the audience” who will also be able to hear you better. Again, well done — I check your forecasts every day.

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