Sunnier But Chilly Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature clearing skies and chilly temps as high pressure finally arrives over New England following the departure of yesterday’s storm system. High temps will range from a little below 20 in the north to a little below 30 in the south. That’s pretty chilly for this time of year! As the high gets closer today, NW winds will slowly taper off, but gusts are likely to remain above 20mph for most of the day which will make the cool temps feel even colder. Aside from a few upslope flurries this morning, no precipitation is expected.


3 thoughts on “Sunnier But Chilly Today”

  1. What is the physics and meteorology that explains why the full moon brings cold, particularly in the spring and fall?

    1. I’m only speculating here but I would say none that we mere humans are aware of. Though it would be interesting to see if there’s any correlation, that is if one wanted to spend the time researching it.

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