Turning Cooler Today

Hello everyone!

A cold front moved through the region last night, putting an end to our two-day run of gloriously average temperatures. We’re now ready to head back to a prolonged run of below-normal temps as a series of high pressure systems moves in from Siberia (yes really). The first high will approach this afternoon. At the leading edge of the colder air (a pseudo-cold front), some showers and storms will develop as remnant moisture (and warmth from today’s solar heating) gets washed out to sea. The best chance for a few rumbles will be north and east of Portland away from the immediate shoreline. It’s also important to note that not everyone will get a shower today, and any that do pop up will be brief. Later in the afternoon, NW winds will pick up and temps will begin to fall.

Highs will range from 50 in the mountains to 65 in southern NH. Skies will remain on the sunnier side along the coast while clouds stick around in the mountains due to upsloping.


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