Warming Trend Continues Today

Hello everyone!

High pressure has continued to slide offshore overnight which means that we’ll get to enjoy even warmer temperatures today as winds shift from the south towards the west-southwest and warm air continues to move into the region. Expect high temps ranging from 75 up in the mountains to right around 80 along most of the coastal plain. Winds this afternoon will shift towards the south along the immediate coastline, especially east of Brunswick. This will hold high temps along the Midcoast in the 60s. Unfortunately we’ll need westerly winds that are a bit stronger to keep the sea breeze at bay, especially this time of year.

As far as cloud cover goes, it’s a little bit of a tricky forecast today. We have a very weak disturbance embedded within the upper-level jet stream that will slide through New Brunswick this afternoon. So far, the only clouds this seems to be sending in our direction is some very patchy, very thin cirrus. If that remains the case throughout the day (which appears likely), then most of us would consider today to be mostly sunny. However, if even a little bit more moisture shows up around 30,000 feet above our heads, we’d end up with a much thicker cirrus deck, and conditions that most of us would probably consider to be mostly cloudy. Either way, it will be a lovely day to head outside!

Tomorrow looks sunnier and even warmer for those that might be disappointed in today’s cloud forecast.


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