Early-Summer Heat Wave Arrives Away From the Coast Today

Hello everyone!

A stretch of early-summer heat will begin today across western parts of the area as our beautiful maritime airmass slowly begins retreating offshore. Satellite imagery and surface observations suggest that most of the area is still socked in with low clouds and patchy fog as of 6:30 this morning. Expect these low clouds to slowly burn off from west to east through the course of the day today. With that in mind, western parts of the area should see sunshine develop in the next couple of hours which will allow temps to soar into the mid/upper 80s (possibly near 90 in southern NH). Eastern parts of the area (especially the Maine coast) will see clouds hold on (at least on and off) through much of the day today. As a result, temps will be much cooler. Expect highs ranging from 60 right along the immediate coast to 75 along much of the coastal plain to 80 in the northern mountains.

No precipitation is expected today as any forcing mechanism to trigger thunderstorm development remains locked hundreds of miles to our northwest.


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