Midsummer Heat and Humidity Arrives Away From The Coast Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the arrival of midsummer-grade heat and humidity away from the immediate shorelines as southerly winds continue along the western side of an area of high pressure over the Atlantic. A few spots are reporting some low clouds and fog this morning, but this should burn off quickly over the next couple hours, similar to yesterday. After we finish getting rid of the low clouds this morning, expect mostly sunny skies region-wide.

Full sunshine and very warm air aloft will push temps inland well above normal this afternoon. Expect highs ranging from 90 in the mountains to as high as 95 in the warmest parts of southern/central New Hampshire. Dew points in the mid 60s will send heat index values into the absolutely wretched mid/upper 90s.

The combination of heat and humidity support some instability in the atmosphere by this afternoon. While no clear mechanism exists to get air moving upward (where it might be able to develop into a thunderstorm), sometimes the turbulent eddies that form from differential heating in the mountains can be enough to touch off a few isolated showers and storms. With that in mind, don’t be shocked if you end up with some raindrops this afternoon/evening up in the mountains. Any storms should be brief and relatively weak. The primary threats will include gusty winds and lightning.

Any showers or storms that do pop up will fade quickly around/after sunset with the loss of daytime heating.

Farther southeast, onshore flow will keep the coastline delightfully cool. High temps east of the Turnpike will range from 70 around Rockland to 75 along the Route 1 corridor to 80-85 as you get closer to I-95.


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