Warm and Humid Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature more warm temps and muggy conditions as an unpleasant subtropical airmass drifts into our region from the south. Satellite imagery this morning shows plenty of mid/high clouds streaming through the area ahead of the remnants of Tropical Storm Bertha which are currently cruising through eastern Ohio. The rain associated with Bertha’s remnants will remain well to our west today, though we’ll once again be watching for a few pop-up showers and storms up in the mountains this afternoon/evening. Similar to yesterday, the biggest threats will be heavy rain and lightning.

Cloud cover will be a bit more widespread today compared to yesterday, but most spots should see at least a few glimpses of sunshine. The best chance for sun will be in southern parts of the area, especially southern NH.

High temps today will once again be warm, but thankfully won’t be quite as bad as yesterday. Expect temps to top out around 80 in the mountains and along the I-95 corridor, 90 in interior inland areas, and 75 along the coast.


One thought on “Warm and Humid Weather Continues Today”

  1. Very toasty in South Freeport but the humidity never got nasty. A summer of days like this would be delightful.

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