Cooler and Cloudier Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cooler temps and generally cloudier skies as winds shift around to the east/northeast and cooler air arrives from Canada and the Gulf of Maine. High temps will range from the upper 60s along the coastline to the mid 70s in northeastern parts of the interior where sunshine will emerge later this afternoon.

Most of Maine is experiencing low clouds or fog as I write this shortly before 5:30 AM while New Hampshire, still mostly ahead of the front, is partly cloudy. Expect the Maine fog bank to continue sliding southwest this morning along with the front. As we move later into the afternoon. the fog will attempt to burn off. This effort is likely to be most successful in the foothills and mountains where sunshine will emerge as the prevailing weather condition by mid/late afternoon.

Overall, precipitation chances will be limited today. Some drizzle is possible along the coast in the fog bank and a couple scattered showers will likely pop up in the mountains of NH this afternoon but otherwise dry conditions are expected.