Another Round of Showers and Storms Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature another round of showers and storms as a cold front slowly sags into the region.

Satellite and radar imagery this morning shows a line of thunderstorms moving along the Canadian border just ahead of this frontal boundary while most of the region remains socked in with low clouds and patchy fog. This first line of thunderstorms should remain contained well north of Route Two and doesn’t appear to pose much if any severe threat. The low clouds across the rest of the area will be slow to burn off over the next few hours, but most spots should see at least a bit of sunshine by lunchtime.

Ahead of the boundary, southerly winds will continue transporting warm and humid air into the region. Dew points are in the mid 60s across most of the region this morning and will make a run at 70 by this afternoon. This means that developing storms will have an abundance of moisture to work with during the afternoon/evening hours. It also means that going outside today will feel akin to walking through a swamp in southern Florida.

Temperatures will rise into the mid 70s in the mountains and along the Midcoast and into the mid/upper 80s in most of southern NH and adjacent parts of interior SW ME as patchy sunshine develops over the next few hours.

By 1-2 PM, storms will be firing up in the mountains along the approaching cold front.

This afternoon’s storms will pose a much greater severe weather threat in addition to heavy rain and lightning. The biggest risk is damaging winds and flash flooding given the amount of moisture available. Storms will have a better shot at becoming severe if we’re able to erode these low-level clouds a bit earlier in the day.

Storms will proceed towards the coastline later in the afternoon (above image valid 5 PM) before waning in coverage and intensity towards sunset.

Tomorrow’s weather looks absolutely horrific as temps soar towards 90 while dew points remain stuck near 70 (that’s a heat index of ~95+). Get those air conditioners ready!