Warm and Humid Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

We were spared from the worst heat and humidity yesterday as winds that were forecast to be from the SSW ended up shifting to the SSE which allowed for a stronger marine influence on our temperatures especially near the coastline.

A similar pattern will develop today as Tropical Storm Fay moves north along the Mid Atlantic coastline and we enter the far northeastern portion of its circulation. The heaviest rain associated with Fay will remain to our west as the system tracks up the Hudson Valley, but we’ll see clouds and showers from the system move through tonight.

Before any rain from Fay arrives, we’ll be working on slowly burning off a thick fog bank across most of the coastal plain and foothills this morning. Fog in this area is quite dense in spots (I estimated 1/8-1/4 mile visibility here in Yarmouth around 7:45) but will slowly thin out over the next few hours. The first to see sunshine will be those farther northwest and perhaps right along the York County coastline.

As low clouds retreat this morning, upper-level clouds will be advancing as Fay moves north. By this afternoon, we’ll return to overcast skies as the cirrus deck ahead of Fay thickens.

As far as precipitation goes today, a few showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two will pop up over NH or far NW ME around midday. None of these will be severe, but they could bring a brief period of heavy rain. Showers from Fay will arrive in southern NH after sunset.

High temps will range from 75 along the Midcoast and up in the mountains to near 90 in Central NH.