Warm, Humid, and Unsettled Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature yet another round of warm temperatures, high humidity, and afternoon showers/thunderstorms. Skies across the region this morning vary between mostly sunny in Maine (especially northeastern Maine) and mostly cloudy over New Hampshire (especially southern NH). From what I can tell, those clouds over NH are mostly present in the lower levels of the atmosphere so they should thin out and break up as the day goes on. More clouds will pop up this afternoon as instability builds.

By 2 PM, storms will be in progress across parts of NH and SW ME. As per usual, not everyone will see storms this afternoon, but if you live south of Route 2 and aren’t at the ends of the Midcoast peninsulas, the odds are strongly in favor of wet weather at some point this afternoon.

This afternoon’s storms will once again be lacking strong winds aloft to support widespread severe weather. That said, damaging winds will be a threat this afternoon, particularly over southern NH. Heavy rain will also cause some localized flash flooding issues as storms move fairly slowly.

Storms will continue through the first half of the night tonight as low pressure drifts northeast from the Mid Atlantic towards Cape Cod. After sunset, the primary threat from any remaining storms will be heavy rain.

High temps today will range from 75 in the north and right along the Midcoast shoreline to 85 in the usual warm spots of southern NH and interior ME.