Gusty Winds And Falling Temps Today

Hello everyone!

A strong cold front is moving through the region this morning, and we’ll spend most of today in its wake. This means that winds will be quite gusty out of the WSW, and temps will be falling. The wind gusts could exceed 40 mph especially in the mountains. These winds will delay restoration of power to those that lost it last night, and may cause some new outages as well. Winds will be strongest early this afternoon before tapering off this evening.

Meanwhile, temps will be falling quickly as a colder airmass surges in from the west. Current temps are in the 50’s across NH and low/mid 60’s across much of Maine. By noon, expect temps in the mid 40’s across most of NH (except for SE areas) and the mountains of Maine, while the coastal plain sees temps in the low to mid 50’s. Temps will fall further, into the mid/upper 30’s for northern/western areas and low/mid 40’s for the coast, by this evening.

As far as precipitation goes, showers currently impacting the area will move east in the next 2-3 hours, and dry conditions will remain for the rest of the day along with some developing sunshine especially in southern/eastern areas.


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