Very Hot and Humid Today

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, yesterday’s storms (spectacular as they were) did not signal the approach of cooler and drier air. Instead, they marked the leading edge of an even warmer and more humid airmass working its way up the East Coast. We’ll get into that airmass today as winds remain stuck out of the south-southeast.

Satellite imagery this morning shows patchy low clouds and fog slowly burning off across the area. Expect mostly sunny skies to take over in the next couple hours as the fog finishes evaporating. That sunshine will push temps into the upper 80s in the north and low 90s for most of the rest of the area (cooler temps, in the mid/upper 80s, are expected right along the coast). This heat, combined with dew points in excess of 70, will produce dangerous heat index values of 95-100F by this afternoon across southern NH and adjacent parts of inland SW ME. With that in mind, today would be a good day to limit strenuous activity during the heat of the day.

With such hot and humid air, we’ll have to think about some showers and storms popping up in the mountains this afternoon but without much in the way of a forcing mechanism to trigger storm development, I’m not expecting activity to be very widespread.


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