Muggy and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature continued muggy conditions and unsettled weather as the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay move from the upper Hudson Valley up into Canada. We’re currently dealing with scattered shower activity as a result of Fay, especially over parts of northern NH. Expect these showers to taper off over the coming hours as Fay moves north. Elsewhere across the region, low clouds currently in place will fade to partial sunshine over the next few hours.

By noon, most of the region should be at least partly sunny. As a result, temps will climb into the mid/upper 80s across most of southern NH and interior SW ME. Points farther northeast will take longer to clear out, and as a result will remain cooler (mid/upper 70s). The immediate coastline will also remain cooler as a result of onshore flow (mid/upper 70s). Unfortunately, dew points will remain near or above 70 across nearly the entire area.

Any time we have such high temperatures and humidity, we have to start thinking about thunderstorms. A cold front drifting into the region from the west will provide the “trigger” for storms to develop over NY this afternoon. These storms will then move east during the late afternoon/early evening hours. Unfortunately, the front is a little too late to maximize severe weather potential in our area, but a few storms in NH could produce gusty winds in addition to heavy rain.

A stray shower or storm can’t be ruled out in Maine this afternoon/evening, but any cells that pop up east of the border will be much less widespread, and will generally pose less of a severe weather threat.


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